Crop insurance and risk management resources for New York farmers

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Welcome to the official New York Crop Insurance Education Program website! As weather becomes more erratic and prices more volatile, New York agricultural producers face increasing risk of facing economic hardship. Incorporating an effective risk management strategy as part of a comprehensive farm management plan is more important than it has ever been. One critical risk management tool that can help many farms is crop insurance.

Our goal is to inform the New York agricultural community of the risk management and crop insurance options available to them so they can make sound decisions on how to best protect their farm and livelihood. Crop insurance currently serves as the primary safety-net for US agricultural producers. In 2017 over 1 million of the approximately 7.2 million farmland acres in New York State were insured by a crop insurance policy. These policies covered over $548 million of production.

We welcome you to browse the site to learn more about the project and find materials to help you decide how to better manage risk on your operation.