About the Project

New York farms face weather, market, political, and many other risks. Crop insurance is an important tool to help farmers manage yield and revenue risk.  Through support from the USDA Risk Management Agency, we support New York farmers to make informed risk management and crop insurance decisions through face-to-face training, trade show participation, diverse print advertisements, and a variety educational materials disseminated both in-person and online. Our 15 partnerships, mostly local cooperative extension teams, allow us to reach nearly all regions, demographics and specializations of NY agriculture. Our partners play a key role in development of education materials and innovative delivery methods. We focus on crop insurance basics, PRF, crop insurance options for dairy farms, and WFRP, as well as topics designed to meet the needs of underserved farmers such as women, veteran, and young and beginning farmers. We also cover general farm risk management and record keeping components in our programming.

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